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The piano (and its contemporary descendant, the keyboard) have played a crucial part in all forms of Western music. With its substantial range of notes, and vast potential for melodic and harmonic interplay, the instrument has remained a mainstay in diverse genres like classical music, gospel, R&B, jazz, and film music.

Even within the primarily guitar-driven landscape of rock music, innovative players like Jon Lord (Deep Purple), or Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater) have managed to make the keys an irreplaceable component of their respective band’s unique sound. Composers across the board frequently prefer to compose on the piano or the keyboard, because it is able to carry the key aspects of melody, rhythm and harmony simultaneously and allows them possibilities that are either impossible or obscured on other instruments.

As an electronic, digital instrument which functions on samples of actual acoustic sounds, the keyboard is perfectly suited to sync with most of the radical innovations taking place in musical and recording technology today. Learning the keyboard can have huge theoretical and physical benefits for the serious musician. Apart from a grounding in how music works, playing the keyboard also cultivates dexterity with the fingers that can be effectively transfered to playing any other instrument. All this and more, makes the keyboard an excellent choice both as a primary or a secondary instrument.


Welcome to our new site, a cozy place where you can start playing piano from the very beginning. We provide the absolute beginners and those starting to play piano, with complete lesson, guidance, information, and assistance about piano. I will try to give all of the lessons clearly, including the beginner piano lessons that are free to choose with various styles, from classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, and many more. This site is really for novice piano players who have never experienced any piano skills before. It really is time for you to stop thinking and start doing.

The length of the piano lessons will so much depend on you. Our site ensures you to learn the piano at your own speed, with the way you feel more comfortable and easier. We hope the lesson will be stress-free and no boredom involved. You’ll be delightful to choose the music to play with, to learn with. However, for following all the piano lesson steps, its’ essential to read a few pages before starting to learn. You’re not suggested to jump or skip any pages, since you may miss a page containing crucial information. We will also recommend to you books and DVDs you should have with you. But if you are short in Budget, its fine to be without them while taking your piano lessons with us.

Playing piano is far from complicated. Even better, if you take a serious effort, it lets you have fun while your learn. It’s important to avoid the bad habits from the very beginning. Since when you deal with a piano you will discover the right way to play that you will find it easy and the best for the life time. Further, this site is made for conveying what I had got from my experiences in playing music during the past years as well as from such great books and magazine that I’ve read. It’s the greatest hope to share with you a pleasant way of learning to play piano, in an ultimate ease.


Perhaps no other instrument in the last five decades has been able to capture the imagination of popular culture and music in the way the guitar has. It’s ability to encompass and animate almost every style of popular musical expression from the lilting romantic ballad, to the dark, angst-driven metal riff, makes the guitar a vital component in almost all forms of contemporary music.

Intrinsic to the guitar’s versatility, is the fact that it is able to combine the three musical pillars of melody, harmony and rhythm, with ease and to great effect. And with the growing synergies between newer guitar designs and emerging technologies, guitar players have been able to use the instrument, to shape the voice of their generation in remarkably fresh ways.

From Jimi Hendrix’s incendiary celebration of freedom at Woodstock, to Yngwie Malmsteen’s warp-speed re-imagination of classical influences in a rock idiom, or Kurt Cobain’s tortured rock evocation of postmodern despair, the guitar today has become integral to breaking new musical ground. Perhaps NSM can help you take the first steps towards writing the next chapter of that unfolding story.